Monday, May 11, 2015

The Cahill Witch Chronicles #2: Star Cursed (2013)

Star Cursed

on the surface, the Sisterhood seemed to be serving the god like the Brotherhood; but secretly, while the Brotherhood hunted witches throughout the land, the Sisterhood recruited only witches. desperate for Cate to join them, the Sisterhood assigned Elena into the Cahill family, with the intention of recruiting all three sisters. Cate surprised everyone by joining the Sisterhood in exchange for their freedom. however, one of her sister, Maura, was determined to join the Sisterhood. to further complicate things, when one of Cate’s friend was arrested for using magic, Cate had to risk everyone she loved to save her friend.

second book into the series was slightly less intriguing compared to the first book. but it was nonetheless an easy read as curiosity still got a better hold of me. It was most interesting to see how the three sisters would turn out to be. according to the prophecy, one of the sister would become the enemy, which was very much visible throughout the pages. as much as I found Maura more and more distasteful, I was also waiting for them to proof the prophecy wrong. since according to Tess, it was very much possible to change the outcome of any foreseen vision. with fingers-crossed, I hope to enjoy the last installment that should be the most interesting amongst the three books.

author: Jessica Spotswood
published: 2013
genre: Supernatural

The Cahill Witch Chronicles:
- Born Wicked (2012)
- Star Cursed (2013)
- Sisters' Fate (2014)

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