Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Cahill Witch Chronicles #1: Born Wicked (2012)

Born Wicked

the story took place during a time where witchery was forbidden. Cate, Maura, and Tess were three sisters, also three witches. as rare as it was for a family to have more than one witch, the three sisters were all witches, which caused Cate to believe that they were the sisters mentioned in the prophecy. threatened by the prophecy, the Brotherhood continued to capture and kill witches. as the eldest, Cate vowed to protect her sisters from the Brotherhood, while secretly taught them spells. also at the age of marriage, Cate was forced to make a decision, whether to wed or join the Sisterhood.

the book was a fast and easy read. Cate was a character very easy to root for, the storyline was captivating and often curiosity got the best of me, pushing and pulling me forward. I found myself flipping the pages eagerly wanting to know what happen next. despite the seemingly complicated plot and its subplots, I was surprised to never once got lost in it, but only hunger for more details. the book ended with an unexpected twist as well as a delicious cliffhanger that immediately pulled me towards its second installment.

author: Jessica Spotswood
published: 2012
genre: Supernatural

The Cahill Witch Chronicles:
- Born Wicked (2012)
- Star Cursed (2013)
- Sisters' Fate (2014)

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