Saturday, May 09, 2015

Worldwalker #1: Trial by Fire (2014)

Trial by Fire

Lily was a high school student, with grave sickness and allergies that threatened to kill her any minute. but she pushed her way through classes, trying to enjoy every moment she had with the new relationship she had with Tristan, who was originally her best friend and recently, boyfriend. when one of the guys slipped alcohol into her drinks during a party, her allergies took charged and she had a seizure right in front of everyone. a voice in her head spoke to her, asking for her permission, which she granted. instantly she found herself waking up in a different place, a place where she met Lilian, her other self.

the book had a slow start, taking its time to have us experience her normal high school life. the seemingly ordinary plot suddenly took a twist and transformed into an historical/futuristic story. as uninterested as I was with historical/science fictions, I found myself hooked with her bizarre encounters that I continued obediently through the pages in hope of finding out where the story was heading. despite the complications, it was so intriguing to learn more about willstones and how fragile they were; the intimate connection it held between itself and its owner, also how one person should never handle another person’s willstones. It was surprisingly satisfying every time I found myself in Lily’s shoes, experiencing what she was experiencing, transmitting the power as well as getting drowned in the unique sensation. the goose bumps turned out to be the most rewarding and welcoming sensation throughout the book.

author: Josephine Angelini
published: 2014
genre: Supernatural

Worldwalker series:
- Trial by Fire (2014)
- Trail of Tears (2015)
- Traitor's Pyre (2016)

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