Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tag: 个人资料

被 -菁菁- 点名要完成以下好多、好多的个人资料!嘿嘿,可难不倒我。
  1. Starting time: 1255
  2. Name: levian
  3. Sisters: 1
  4. Brothers: none
  5. Shoe size: 4
  6. Height: roughly 153cm .. i think.
  7. Where do you live: Malaysia
  8. Favorite drinks: chocolate.
  9. Favorite breakfast: Laksa !!
  10. Have you ever been on a plane: yup, Aerophobia though.
  11. Swam in the ocean: no .. does dipping count ??
  12. Fallen asleep in school: almost .. but still "no" for the record.
  13. Broken someone's heart: unfortunately yes ..
  14. Fell off your chair: yup, for laughing too hard.
  15. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: yup, dang .. *anxiousness*
  16. Saved e-mails:yup, only those meaningful to me.
  17. What is your room like: computer in the center, posters on the walls.
  18. What's right beside you: my mobile phone, a bottle of water.
  19. What is the last thing you ate: omelet for breakfast.
  20. (Ever had) Chicken pox: nope.
  21. (Ever had) Sore throat: now ?? nope.
  22. (Ever had) Stitches: nope.
  23. (Ever had) Broken nose: nope.
  24. Do you believe in love at first sight: yup. you're asking someone who believes in magic n fairy tales !!
  25. Like picnics: yup, nature is the best environment one could ever get.
  26. Who was the last person you danced with: herm .. -yuki- ??
  27. Last made you smile: -bun- for waking me up with a kiss on the forehead.
  28. You last yelled at: dad, for accusing me yet still not-listening.
  29. (Today did you) Talk to someone you like: does sms count ??
  30. (Today did you) Kissed anyone: nope.
  31. (Today did you) Get sick: nope, am feeling great.
  32. (Today did you) Talked to an ex: huh, no ..
  33. (Today did you) Miss someone: yup. *puppy eyes*
  34. (Today did you) Eat: omelet n apple.
  35. Best feeling in the world: Happiness.
  36. Do you sleep with stuffed animals: nope, -yuki- sleeps outside.
  37. What's under your bed: unused pieces of planks.
  38. Who do you really hate: Liars !!
  39. What time is it now: 1318

Randoms :
  1. Is there a person who is on your mind right now: yup.
  2. Do you have any siblings: yup, my -bun-.
  3. Do you want children: yup.
  4. Do you smile often: am maintaining it as a conscious habit for myself.
  5. Do you like your hand-writing: yup. it's not pretty, but it's Me.
  6. Are your toenails painted: nope, for i usually wear sneakers.
  7. Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: herm .. no preference, most are fine.
  8. What colour shirt are you wearing: White.
  9. What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday: Cabal-ing with -piggy- while waiting to leave the shop.
  10. I can't wait till: another discovery falls into my path !!
  11. When did you cry last: Last few weeks, for being accused by dad.
  12. Are you a friendly person: yup, but i do looked reserved ..
  13. Do you have any pets: yup, my punk cat -yuki-.
  14. Where is the person you have feelings for right now? in campus.
  15. Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now? of course, Fun had barely started !! 
  16. Do you sleep with the TV on? yup, if i have a TV in front of the bed.
  17. What are you doing right now? completing the tag, sms-ing.
  18. Have you ever crawled through a window? yup, "children are little devils"
  19. Can you handle the truth? nope, but prefer to be told the Truth nonetheless.
  20. Are you too forgiving? "forgive, but not forget."
  21. Are you closer to your mother or father? definitely mum.
  22. Who was the last person you cried in front of? -piggy-, while watching "what happens in vegas" in the cinema.
  23. How many people can you say you've really loved? -bun-, mum, -yuki-, -piggy-, friends, everyone i know ?? *puzzled*
  24. Do you eat healthy? i guess. *shrug*
  25. Do you still have pictures of you & your ex? yup, i'm thankful for those whom i crossed path with.
  26. Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you? yup, i'm an emotional person, what else is there to add ..
  27. How often do you go to church? as often as i have someone (fun) to go with.
  28. If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to? -yuki- (mostly not at home), -bun- (mostly unavailable), -piggy- maybe ??
  29. Are you loud or quiet most of the time? quiet.
  30. Are you confident? nope, even when i look like it.
5 things I was doing 10 years ago ..
(1) studying in high school.
(2) getting ready for PMR.
(3) start getting a little rebellious.

5 things on my to-do list today ..
(1) edit another folder of photographs.
(2) Cabal-ing, to help increase -piggy- 's skills level.
(3) update some posts.

5 snacks I enjoy ..
(1) potato chips.
(2) seaweed thingies.
(3) chocolate.
(4) milk/juice.
(5) ice cream.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire ..
(1) get a car.
(2) get a house.

5 of my bad habits ..
(1) emotional.
(2) stubborn.
(3) serious .. considered a good thing or bad thing ??

5 places I have lived in ..
(1) Kuching.

5 jobs I've had ..
(1) waitressing.
(2) administrator .
(3) shop assistant.
(4) photograph editor.


  1. 哇, 很详细的资料呢! 你写得很好啊!!! 对你又更一步的认识了哦.... 原来你大我两岁的哦? 你的名字怎样写呢?

  2. 是哦?又没问到年龄,你是从其他留言中发现的吧,呵呵,被抓包。:P 名字哦,就 L-E-V-I-A-N 啊!呵呵呵呵~ *跑啊!逃命咯!*

  3. 呵呵,相当快手~

  4. 没有啊, 十年前你在考PMR嘛... 嘻嘻... 大约能猜到咯... 哈...

    什么啦, 我想知道你的华语名字, 可以吗?

  5. monkey: 我听了又要飘了,呵呵呵!谢谢你找我一块儿玩哦!:D

    akira: 厉害耶!我怎么没想到…*挖挖脑袋* 先整一整你再告诉你嘛,哈哈!:P 是…孟霓。“孟子”的孟,“霓虹灯”(Neon light)的霓。

  6. 哇, 要整整我才肯告诉我啊? 那么以后我嘛大把日子让你整咯? 哈哈, 开玩笑而已咯... 你姓孟名霓? 很好的名字啊...

    来, 轮到我介绍我自己了... 我名叫华思胜, "华语"的华, "思想"的思, "胜利"的胜!... 嘻嘻...

  7. 当然哦,天下哪有白吃的午餐,哇哈哈!不啦,别把我说得那么坏嘛,太无辜了我,呵呵!你姓华哦,好特别耶!说到白,你是要说自己“又有思想、又胜利”吧!*开玩笑* :P 欸,我姓杨哦,咩咩叫的羊。XD

  8. 哈哈, 被你捉到了, 哈, 不好意思呢... 我没有说到你坏哦, 其实你是很不错的.... 那么我是永远思想胜利的咯, 哈哈...

  9. Wahh .. so long ... who tag you with such long questions and answer??

  10. akira: 真爱炫,呵呵!臭美一百分哦,哇哈哈!*开玩笑* :P

    dav didi: i was tagged by 菁菁. hehe. although kinda long, but it was fun !! :D

  11. 哈哈, 99分而已咯, 一百分才是你呢... 嘻嘻... 我们携手是臭美一族啊? 哈...

  12. 听起来怎么都不像是件好事。哈哈!XD

  13. 哈哈,好像打情骂俏的样子喔~呵呵~

  14. 哈哈,你别耍我哦!XD

  15. 打情骂俏啊? 好像有点... 有点....
    哈.... 我们比什么水更清白呢... 嘻嘻....