Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Adam Lambert: If I Had You (2010)

Adam Lambert: If I Had You

"If I Had You" was Adam Lambert's 3rd single, taken from his debut album "For Your Entertainment" (2009). the video, again portrayed his goth n extremeness in fashion n style. this time, there were even a top hat! with rocking long red dreadlocks underneath. together with a cast of wildly dressed dancer partying in the wilderness. which made the, at first glance a common costume party, so much more fun n hype. especially when he has such a huge voice! below is the video, for sharing purpose only.

some background on the video:
- song title: If I Had You
- artist: Adam Lambert
- album: For Your Entertainment
- released: 5 May 2010
- genre: Electro Rock

If I Had You (Adam Lambert)


  1. I like this song. The MV too. :)

  2. Yeah, I love this song too! I put as my ringtone before too! :)

  3. Love Adam Lambert!

    "....his goth n extremeness in fashion n style..."

    Believe it or not, I adore goth!

    But, I guess that's because I'm a vampire - HA!

    Enjoyed the video, Levian!

  4. I like this song. Very catchy! :D

  5. I loved this song of Adam, and I can't wait for his new album this Fall!

  6. lina:
    i'm sure it managed to keep you entertained as well!

    great choice! it must have been fun.

    yes, you are! from who i know you to be, you are definitely a vampire, who loves cats. ;)

    it sure is!

    when is fall? thanks for the info, its awesome knowing there's something to look out for!

  7. Fall is Autumn :) Adam announced that he is working on a new album which should come out before the end of the year. Can't wait :) He is such a creative and unique male artist.

  8. dezmond:
    hehe, sorry about that since i don't live in a 4-season country. from your comment, i'll just assume it is the end of this year? woot! it will definitely be one album worth looking forward n waiting for! i just found avril's new album too, sweet!

  9. mohd:
    welcome! i'm from msia too.

  10. this guy has gone crazy with his fashion sense +P

  11. ayie:
    he sure has! n i hope you meant it in a good way, haha!