Friday, March 25, 2011

Sookie Stackhouse #3: Club Dead (2003)

Club Dead

like its previous books, each of the books in Southern Vampire series can be read independently. but certain part of the story, such as the love triangle between Sookie, Eric, n Bill, would be much more tastier to have first read its previous books.

Sookie Stackhouse only loved her vampire boyfriend, Bill. but suddenly he put some distance between them n disappeared to another state, Mississippi. Eric revealed that Bill had been summoned by Lorena, who happened to be a lady vampire n also Bill's maker. the news alone was enough to send Sookie running to Mississippi looking for Bill. with the help from Alcide, whose status was a werewolf, she was able enter places normally mortals could not, such as Club Dead. Bill arrived at critical moment yet was caught seriously betraying Sookie's love, she wasn't sure whether to save him or to do the exact opposite.

this book kinda circled around who were interested in Sookie. other than the common pursuers, Bill n Eric (the vampires), Sam (the shape-shifter), now there was Alcide (the werewolf). Club Dead (2003) was by far the least interesting book of the series Southern Vampire. however the involvement of the varies type of supernatural beings were far more captivating than ever! the unexpected treachery from Bill surprised me, i actually believed their love would last forever. but the unexpected turn of events weren't exactly bad either, since the story has so much potential to be explored n expanded! n again, Charlain Harris managed to put in so much humor into the series of events that would have sounded so serious n intense otherwise. it was absolutely impossible not to enjoy the read!

author: Charlaine Harris
published: 2003
genre: Fantasy

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  1. these books are great

  2. How come the story sounds a bit like Twilight? Werewolf pitting their brawn against vampire...again? :/

  3. denise:
    they are indeed!

    no thanks for the comparison with that cheesy romance. fortunately i love this series for it is much deeper than that. n no, i can assure you that there were no werewolf versus vampire thingy. they may not like each other, but that's no reason for war for both to exist.

  4. As I was reading this book review I could hear the enjoyment in your voice!!!

    You really make me wanna read this series!

    Fab review, Levian!

  5. the publisher should really send you some free copies of these books, Levian :)

  6. ron:
    thanks! i will have to warn you of how long a series it is though!

    how i wish for that! but i already have a set of it for my personal collection. it's truly an addiction. hehe.