Sunday, May 15, 2011

Arakawa Under the Bridge (2010)

Arakawa under the Bridge

Kou was strictly brought up by his father since young, to never be in debt to anyone, not even family members. both Kou n his father was a wealthy, successful businessman. the story started when he was saved by a homeless girl named Nino at the Arakawa bridge. in order to pay her back, Kou promised to fulfill one of her request, which she choose to have him as her boyfriend. there was a small society of homeless people living under the bridge. his new life began as they accepted him into their small circle, revealing one odd characters after another.

the anime started out with exaggerated characters n expression, which hit me as being awfully absurd. but after a few episodes, it turned out to be much better than what i expected! for the characters, although Nino didn't appear to be as exaggerated as the rest of the homeless characters, she stood out being the expressionless princess. Kou, the new comer, was the only sane character among the bunch. he found it difficult to understand them, but being smart n well-trained, he soon found ways to get along with them. in some ways, the anime reminded me of Bakemonogatari (2009), with its stylish touches n unique way of presenting its story, it kept us entertained even with minimal actions.

some background on the anime:
- episodes: 24
- director: Yukihiro Miyamoto (宮本幸裕)
- released: 2010
- language: Japanese
- genre: Comedy/Romance

- Arakawa under the Bridge (April 2010)
- Arakawa under the Bridge × Bridge (October 2010)

Arakawa under the Bridge
Arakawa under the Bridge
Arakawa under the Bridge
Arakawa under the Bridge
Arakawa under the Bridge


  1. After reading your first paragraph on this review, I gotta say, it sounds like a GREAT a story!

    "it turned out to be much better than what i expected!"

    Glad to hear that, Levian. I really like the graphics in these photos!

    Hope you're having a FAB Sunday!

  2. ron:
    they were colorful n captivating, weren't they! i enjoyed watching them. welcoming something different from the usual.

  3. Never heard of this anime before but based on your review n those pics, it looks like a fantastic one.

  4. jacc:
    it was! it was so different i actually felt refreshing after watching it.