Friday, July 01, 2011

Werecats #5: Shift (2010)

Rachel Vincent (Shift)

with things finally settled down, Faythe was now one of the enforcer of the South Central Pride, under the lead of her father, the Alpha. after Ethan, one of Faythe's 4 brothers died a gruesome death in the last Book: Prey (2009), Faythe made a huge mistake when she slept with Jace, one of the enforcers. her personal life had never been the same every since, being trapped between Jace n Marc, her boyfriend. before the complication had a chance to be sorted out, the Thunderbird made their appearance, hunting down members of their Pride, killing them one by one, by throwing them high up into the air, n causing them to fall to their death. confrontation indicated that one of the Thunderbird's chick was killed by the South Central Pride. further investigation showed that they were framed by Malone, an Alpha from another Pride. the Thunderbird demanded proof n Faythe was only given 48 hours before they hand one of their tabby, Kaci, over to Malone.

being the first female enforcer wasn't easy for Faythe. she was a flawed character, with serious attitude problem, stubbornness that brought trouble to her Pride. but throughout the series, i was thrilled to see her growth. unlike her promptness at work as an enforcer, her messed up relationship with Jace n Marc was truly frustrating. the longer she dragged the problem, the harder it was for her to make the decision. other than her relationship, the war with the Thunderbird felt like a detour from the original series. so far, it hasn't showed any connection towards the upcoming war between prides. but the most possible link would have to be an ally, which they desperately needed ever since Malone expanded his influences by randomly hiring enforcers from available free zones. the final book: Alpha (2010) will be the loudest n probably the most gruesome especially when there is a war involved!

author: Rachel Vincent
published: 2010
genre: Fantasy

Shifters series:
- Stray (2007)
- Rogue (2008)
- Pride (2009)
- Prey (2009)
- Shift (2010)
- Alpha (2010)


  1. I just GOTTA watch this Shifters series because it sounds AWESOME!

    I love how on the Alpha graphic, she has lepard print legs. How COOL!

    Thanks for sharing, Levian! I always enjoy your reviews!

  2. hehe... you are so into the story. My son is a fan of this series though.

  3. Wow...very intriguing...I thought we only have werewolf. :p

  4. Never read this series but your review and the covers made it look really interesting.

  5. Sounds really interesting! : )

  6. RON: these books would truly be a collector's item due to its cover. so colorful n full of meaning!

    ECL: it's so difficult to find a like-minded! he shared my passion for some of the anime as well, as i had remembered you telling me back then.

    TEKKAUS: hah! legends go way back, we wouldn't even know what are recorded n what are not. you'll be surprised with what left undiscovered.

    JACC: thanks! i hope it will at least attract some to read them, which is so difficult since it is reading that we are talking about here.

    FOONG: it was indeed!