Sunday, January 01, 2012

Darkest Powers #2: The Awakening (2009)

The Awakening

Chloe was captured by the Edison Group, the same bunch of people operating behind Lyle House. she found out that she wasn't the only experimental subject. there were "successes" that were kept alive, and "failures" that were considered unstable and threatening, thus was later disposed off. Chloe and Tori escaped after an attempt to trick the Edison Group into an abandoned warehouse. they reunited with Simon and Derek, who had werewolf ability to help tracking her down. they had to find Andrew, a friend of Simon and Derek's father, to put the pieces together and find a way to

their journey of survival was so thrilling and engaging that the book was as difficult to put down as its first installment, The Summoning (2008)! Chloe's necromancer ability was rarely mentioned compare to the first book, where more focus was placed on Derek who was a werewolf. for someone described as being ugly, he can turned out to be one sexy character. it was so common for a main male character to be stunning and perfect like Simon; but for once, i was more than happy with the imperfect character Derek was, which caused him to standout easily. Chloe's growth was also visible. she was able to handle more stressful situation compared to being the shy and timid girl in the The Summoning (2008). obviously the story was still at its peak that it is impossible for me not to continue reading the final installment of the trilogy!

author: Kelley Armstrong
published: 2009
genre: Fantasy

the Darkest Powers trilogy:
- The Summoning (2008)
- The Awakening (2009)
- The Reckoning (2010)

the Darkness Rising trilogy:
- The Gathering (2011)
- The Calling (2012)
- The Rising (2013)

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