Friday, January 13, 2012

Darkness Rising #1: The Gathering (2011)

The Gathering

Maya lived in a small medical-research town called Salmon Creek, a town built for its employees and their families. Maya was the adopted daughter of a park ranger. a year ago, Serena, Maya's best friend and captain of their highschool swimming team, was drown. a year later, Maya was celebrating her 16th birthday by trying to get a tattoo over her paw-print birthmark. she was called a witch by an old lady out of the blue. when she invited a new boy at school, Rafe to her birthday party, an incident took place and they realized that her drink was spiked.

having found no connection with the Darkest Powers (2008-2010) trilogy, the slow moving plot had me greatly agitated during my read. the love triangle between Maya, Daniel, and Rafe however, reminded me of Chloe, Derek, and Simon. the everyday life of Maya was an interesting read, but having known the direction of where the story was going, it only made me even more impatient by just waiting for the characters to catch on. the truth was only revealed, with Maya struggling to accept, at the almost end of the book. and when it did, the book had come to an end. not exactly what i anticipated after finishing the Darkest Powers (2008-2010) trilogy with huge satisfaction!

author: Kelley Armstrong
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy/Romance

the Darkest Powers trilogy:
- The Summoning (2008)
- The Awakening (2009)
- The Reckoning (2010)

the Darkness Rising trilogy:
- The Gathering (2011)
- The Calling (2012)
- The Rising (2013)

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