Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Deadly Cool #2: Social Suicide (2012)

Social Suicide

Hartley decided to join the school's homepage, a team of writer led by editor Chase, whom Hartley happened to crack the murder mystery with last semester. she received her first story, regarding Sydney's cheating in a test, got busted thus suspended from both school and the chance to run for homecoming queen. however, Hartley found her dead in the pool right before their interview session. Sam called it a Twittercide, because minutes before she was found, Sydney was twitting.

like Deadly Cool (2011), Hartley continued to find dead bodies. i was more than pleased to find her absolutely lovable, there was an innocence about her the had me rooted for her completely. there were plenty of humorous as well as intense moments that came crashing in fast pace. the book was so entertaining that it made reading enjoyable and absolutely effortless. its awkward romance surprisingly outshone a typical lust-filled novel. i haven't had so much fun flipping through a mystery in quite a while.

author: Gemma Halliday
published: 2012
genre: Mystery/Thriller

Deadly Cool series:
- Deadly Cool (2011)
- Social Suicide (2012)

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