Friday, July 27, 2012

Revenants #2: Until I Die (2012)

Until I Die

while their romance got heated, Kate struggled with Vincent's repetitive need as a Revenant, to die sacrificing himself for the humans, which he will later reanimate after going through the dormant stage. Vincent promised to do whatever it took to live a normal life with Kate, she soon realized that her selfish decision not only effect theirs, but many innocent lives in the process.

despite the interesting plot and captivating introduction in Die for Me (2011), it was somewhat tiring and frustrating when every mystery, every investigation had to end with Kate and Vincent making out. being so overly dosed with it made them seemed so lame and cheesy, instead of having me felt all tingling or goosebumps like i usually would. the ending however, surprised me with its twist. finally the making out could end.

author: Amy Plum
published: 2012
genre: Fantasy/Romance

Revenants series:
- Die for Me (2011)
- Until I Die (2012)
- If I Should Die (2013)

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