Thursday, October 03, 2013

Revenants #3: If I Should Die (2013)

If I Should Die

Vincent was a Revenant, whom was immortal and death a periodic occurrence. but when he was captured by Violette, a numa that assumed Vincent was the Champion, wanted him dead so she could have his powers. when he died, he became dormant, lingering about Kate, his girlfriend until Violette pulled him back to her. Kate couldn't accept losing Vincent to the numas, she was determined to find out how to bring Vincent back from the death. at the same time, Violette led the numas to take over the immortal world.

a year after finishing the first 2 installments for the series, i struggled with the first quarter of the book, remembering terms like revenant, numa, bardia, signum, guérisseur, etc. but before i became frustrated with these strange terms, i got hooked to the romance between Kate and Vincent. in many ways, Kate was so relatable that it was easy to believe the happenings that took place in this fantasy world. right after things turned up its volume, it was so engaging that i easily finished it in 1 sitting.

author: Amy Plum
published: 2013
genre: Fantasy/Romance

Revenants series:
- Die for Me (2011)
- Until I Die (2012)
- If I Should Die (2013)

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