Sunday, October 21, 2012

Legal High (2012)

Legal High

lawyers were often considered heroes, bringing justice by investigating the truth, releasing the falsely accused and sending the true criminals into jail. for Legal High (2012), all that impressions were thrown out the window. Kensuke was a stubborn, sarcastic, and mean lawyer. he lived a wealthy life, never lost a case in his life due to his intelligence in building strategies. he strove for perfection, fame, money, and women; often loathed by other lawyers. one day, Machiko barged into his life. she was overly earnest to save the weak, yet incapable of planning ahead. though her clumsiness often brought them troubles, they soon got adapted to each other and became an "almost" perfect pair.

Legal High (2012) was definitely unique. despite the exaggerated acting, which often turned out to be annoying if not frustrating to watch, it was surprisingly suitable and entertaining. releasing the good guys and sending the bad guys into jail was not always the case for this drama, though we were not always given the absolute truth. for Keisuke, the person that paid him must be released, innocent or whatnot will not effect the result. while we expect them to investigate the truth, he only focused on finding facts that will back his client up and defeat the opposing lawyer. this point alone was enough to hold my interest episodes after episodes.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 11
- director: Ishikawa Junichi (石川淳一), Joho Hidenori (城宝秀則)
- released: 2012
- casts: Sakai Masato (堺雅人), Sakaguchi Waku (坂口湧久), Aragaki Yui (新垣結衣), Namase Katsuhisa (生瀬勝久), Koike Eiko (小池栄子), Taguchi Junnosuke (田口淳之介), Yano Masato (矢野聖人), Satomi Kotaro (里見浩太朗)
- language: Japanese
- genre: Crime/Comedy

Legal High
Legal High
Legal High
Legal High
Legal High

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