Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Raft (2012)

The Raft

Robie often flew between Midway Atoll, where her biologist parents lived, and Honolulu, where her aunt Jilian lived. her trip was cut short when aunt Jilian had to travel to LA for work. decided since she knew the pilot Larry personally, she would get on the next flight home without contacting her parents, since the satellite phone was down. she got to know Max, the new co-pilot on board. but during their flight, turbulence hit and the plane crashed. being thrown into the sea, Max pulled her onto the emergency raft and they were set adrift with no sign of help on the way.

despite the limitation of its plot, The Raft (2012) managed to hold my interest until the very last page. there were points where Robie would go on and on about some birds, or sharks, or even a dinner at home. but it wasn't too much or unbearable since these scenes and knowledge sort of bound us to Robie, grounding her as a real person, which eventually grew on us. the moment an unexpected twist was revealed, it was so creepy that i had to recall everything that happened to see if it make sense. when it did, it sent goosebumps all over my body. that was deliciously good! i got immensely absorbed into the book, especially the emotionally helpless parts, yet she would do something out of our expectation and somehow survived.

author: S.A. Bodeen
published: 2012
genre: Adventure/Thriller

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