Sunday, December 16, 2012

Love on the Edge #1: Going Too Far (2009)

Forget You

Meg wanted to get away from everything. from her school, from the small town she lived in, from her parents who seemed determine to keep her imprisoned in the small cafe they owned. but one out of control evening involving a dare on a forbidden railroad tracks, she went too far, and almost didn't make it back. John choose to stay in the small town. to enforce the rules, to serve and protect. having caught Meg at the bridge, he wanted to teach Meg a lesson she won't forget. Meg pushed him to the limit by questioning everything he learned while he pushed back, demanding to know the reason she won't be tied down.

there were some obvious flaws in Going Too Far (2009), such as how did a 19-year-old turned out to look like a 40-year-old, or how special was John to have finished police academy and had his own cruiser at the age of 19. but despite these hard to accept facts, Going Too Far (2009) was delicious to read. them pushing each other to the limit made it even better! Meg started out being all crazy and not so likable. her past might made some empathized her, but that was as far as it went. fortunately the plot was engaging enough to have my attention until the very end.

author: Jennifer Echols
published: 2009
genre: Romance

Love on the Edge series:
- Going Too Far (2009)
- Forget You (2010)

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