Friday, December 14, 2012

Love on the Edge #2: Forget You (2010)

Forget You

there were plenty things Zoey would love to forget. like her father knocking up his 24-year-old girlfriend and her mother's nervous breakdown. despite her life being in a complete mess, Zoey fought back the only way she knew how, obtaining attention by being the perfect student, the perfect daughter, even the perfect girlfriend to the school popular football player Brandon. but after a car crash that involved bad boy Dough the night before, the only thing Zoey couldn't remember was what happened before the accident.

Forget You (2010) started out being overwhelming with its vast amount of characters. but by the second half of the story, things started to get clearer as i had a clear background of each of the character, including the role they played in Forget You (2010). Zoey was especially a confusing character, caused by both her lost memory and messed up life. to uphold a "normal" status and life, she desperately tried to grab hold of people that she doesn't necessarily need. but as she discovered later, there were people that she didn't realize but cared for her secretly, sorting out her mess and clearing up her name. it was such a sweet gesture that it was difficult, even for us readers, to not fall in love with the duo!

author: Jennifer Echols
published: 2010
genre: Romance

Love on the Edge series:
- Going Too Far (2009)
- Forget You (2010)

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