Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fury #1: Fury (2011)


the story took place in a small town, where Em and her friends were on holidays. she had been into Zach for months, but only recently he seemed to finally noticed her. she was excited to spend Christmas with him, but she had a dilemma, because Zach's girlfriend is Gabby, her best friend. at the same time, Chase had been stressing out pretending to be perfect with his poor background. but things got out of hand when he was rejected twice by Sasha, his childhood friend. he did the unthinkable and the result got her killed out of depression. little did they know that every action they took might come back to haunt them, and this time, Em and Chase had been chosen to pay.

the book was a huge tease, with very little revealed until the very end of the book, only to create another mystery all over again to be brought over to the second book. it was definitely interesting and engaging if not for its slightly lengthy chase. the pace slowed in the middle of the book, making the story more dragging and difficult to appreciate. though curiosity won, it could have lost me right there and then. the story played with karma and consequences, with many twists to make it even more delicious. despite the partially bad experience going through the book, i most certainly would continue with its next sequel.

author: Elizabeth Miles
published: 2011
genre: Mystery/Supernatural

The Fury Trilogy:
- Fury (2011)
- Envy (2012)
- Eternity (2013)

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