Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fury #2: Envy (2012)


ever since her last encounter with the Furies, Em had try to forget that part of her past. with JD, the love of her life, remembering a different past than her, she struggled between her friendship with Drea and Gabby, and sought out the Furies, with the aim of taking them down. in the meanwhile, a new girl named Skylar came with the determination of leaving her dark past behind. when the popular Gabby took her under her wing, she was thrilled and jumped at the chance to take Gabby's spotlight as her own.

second book into the series, the mysteries continued to build up. with a background knowledge on where the story was heading after finishing the first book, the second book turned out to be even more enjoyable. Em's pathetic fights against the Furies were from the beginning until the very end, hopeless. but yet, it was difficult not to root for her, over the distasteful and attention seeking Skylar. it was disappointing not being able to see much progress on the relationship between Em and JD, worst yet with the appearance of Crow, whom we still know nothing about. the ending only have me looked forward to the final book even more.

author: Elizabeth Miles
published: 2012
genre: Mystery/Supernatural

The Fury Trilogy:
- Fury (2011)
- Envy (2012)
- Eternity (2013)

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