Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Soul Seekers #1: Fated (2012)


Daire was just an average girl until the Crows started appearing themselves in front of her, showing her bloodied scenes that only she alone can see, making her felt out of her mind. fearing for Daire's sanity, her mother Jennika sent Daire to live with a grandmother she never met, attending a new high school. Paloma was a wise old woman who recognized Daire's ability for being a Soul Seeker. navigating between the worlds between the living and the dead, Daire had to face the twins, Cade and Dace, for one at utmost evil and another pure.

having loved her The Immortal (2009-2010) series so much, i was surprised to find the Soul Seeker (2012-2013) slightly disappointing. the plot was separated into 2 parts, where the first part was having Daire and Paloma training to control her abilities. the experience itself was absolutely overwhelming, their relationship sweet and touching. the second part was where Daire fell in love with Dace. with Cade being the evil twin and Dace being the good twin, it was obvious who Daire would ended up with. was it love at first sight? either way, the growing speed of their relationship was way too cheesy to feel relatable.

author: Alyson Noel
published: 2012
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Soul Seekers series:
- Daire Meets Ever (2012)
- Fated (2012)
- Echo (2012)
- Mystic (2013)
- Horizon (2013)

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