Friday, February 14, 2014

Soul Seekers #4: Horizon (2013)


it had been six months since the last battle against the Richters. while Daire and Dace tried to humor themselves that they could finally live a peaceful life, they knew deep within that the reason Dace was still alive was because his evil twin brother, Cade was still alive. without Cade dead, there will be no peace for anyone in the near future. Dace made the decision to return to the Richters in hope of taking down his brother, with the help of the growing darkness inside him. Daire, the last of the Soul Seekers, tried to destroy the Richters to protect everyone she love. but it was complicated because Dace was also the love of her life.

final book into the series, Horizon (2013) was by far the best installment among the four. while it was still awkward and unnecessary lengthy, the pace was quickened, making it far more bearable. the complications continued as twins Cade and Dace each had a part of themselves in each other, causing their fate to be entwined and seemingly impossible to kill one without another dying. despite their friends' protests, Daire was determined to lead everyone into destroying the Richters nonetheless, with a plan she couldn't quite express. for the last few books, it had always remained a mystery how Daire planned to separate the twin so she could keep the better half for herself. when it was finally revealed, i found myself mostly dazed. as for the last of the Richters that Daire was so determined to destroy, i was dumbfounded that she felt fear towards the unborn child but not towards Dace or the future children that they would bear.

author: Alyson Noel
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Soul Seekers series:
- Daire Meets Ever (2012)
- Fated (2012)
- Echo (2012)
- Mystic (2013)
- Horizon (2013)

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