Friday, August 30, 2013

A Shade of Vampire #2: A Shade of Blood (2013)

A Shade of Blood

the story took place after Sofia and Ben were released from The Shade, an island the vampires resided on, uncharted and hidden from the hunters. their original intention was to move on and continue living a normal life, forgetting the horror they left behind. but to their dismay, Sofia was unable to forget Derek, the Prince of vampires, so dangerous yet so protective of her. nor was Ben able to forgive Claudia for the pain she inflicted upon him, triggering the urge to seek her out for revenge.

with great expectation and anticipation, the book seemed to spend more time on Ben's mind than it was necessary. with the obvious attraction between Derek and Sofia, it was frustrating to see them apart, defying their feelings by forcing themselves apart. their union fortunately, made waiting through the whole book so much more worthwhile and satisfying, only to be further intrigued by the cliff hanger of having Sofia's parents and Derek's father appearing, threatening them for being together. second installment into the series, the book was both entertaining and frustrating to read. with its direction being so obvious since the very first page, it was agonizing to go through everything just to get to the point where the story could finally progress.

author: Bella Forrest
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

A Shade of Vampire series:
- A Shade of Vampire (2012)
- A Shade of Blood (2013)
- A Castle of Sand (2013)
- A Shadow of Light (2013)
- A Blaze of Sun (2013)

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