Sunday, September 01, 2013

A Shade of Vampire #3: A Castle of Sand (2013)

A Castle of Sand

the relationship Sofia had with vampire Prince Derek felt like a sandcastle, temporary and threatened to crumble any minute. her return to The Shade, an island resided by the remaining vampires saved by Derek 400 years ago, was like a dream come true for Derek, with his dark sides overclouding his senses gradually. but with Gregor, Derek's father as the king of The Shade and shed pure hatred towards Sofia who could help Derek control his dark sides, Sofia's life was greatly at stake. in the meanwhile, Ben, Sofia's best friend joined the Hunters, an organization that was determined to burn down The Shade.

third installment into the series, the book was a delicious treat. finally progressing forward from the obvious, presenting surprises and twists that had me doing a joyous cheer every now and then, even until the very last page. the combination between Derek and Sofia was truly a piece of work, impressive and sometimes overwhelming especially emotionally. while Derek sometimes felt like a beast at the end of Sofia's leash, he often came up with a piece of his mind, so wondrous and glorious that it shouldn't have come from a vampire at all.

author: Bella Forrest
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

A Shade of Vampire series:
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