Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A Shade of Vampire #4: A Shadow of Light (2013)

A Shadow of Light

vampire Prince Derek had been caught by the Hunters, together with his beloved Sofia, the daughter of the Hunter's leader, Aidan. being separated with his daughters for years, Aidan had intentionally left Sofia with his best friend for fear of involving her with his affairs with the Hunters, against all vampires. after returning to The Shade, Derek was in dismay to find out that his kingdom was in a mess, with war upon them. at the Hunters' Headquarter, Sofia fought to return to The Shade to be reunited with Derek, but was held back by the protective cell of her father.

after witnessing so much round of violence and romance between Derek and Sofia, i was surprised to find myself tearing up for Claudia and Yuri instead. that short reunion alone was enough to be overwhelming and satisfying in many levels. the concept that Sofia was an Immune, despite how many attempts there were to turn her, it never succeeded in making Sofia a vampire, was interesting. things were further complicated when Aidan mentioned a possible cure for vampirism and an unexpected introduction were made on the Original Vampires. at some point through the book, it occurred to me that Sofia was repeatedly reminded to be the sunshine in Derek's life, but perhaps it was his negativity that got to him, where Sofia was just a much more positive person to start with.

author: Bella Forrest
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

A Shade of Vampire series:
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