Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gatchaman Crowds (2013)
ガッチャマン クラウズ

Gatchaman Crowds

the story took place in a futuristic Japan, where Tachikawa City was the second metropolis of Tokyo. Gatchaman were warriors who fought in special reinforced suits, powered by Note, a manifestation of spiritual powers in living beings. the council scouted and gathered a group of individuals with super abilities to protect the Earth from alien criminals. the latest enemy was a mysterious entity called Mess.

in the series, the Gatchaman were the heroes with supernatural power who protected the public, fending the city from criminals and threats. the uniqueness of the series was having the main superhero character to be a girl while we usually got used to the guy playing the knight in shining armor. Hajime was an outgoing girl with hyperactive energy. despite her clear actions, her verbal ability often drew questions marks out of our head. however, it was pleasant to know that even though we had difficulty understanding her, we didn't find it difficult to love her.

some background on the anime:
- episodes: 12
- director: Kenji Nakamura (健治中村)
- released: 2013
- language: Japanese
- genre: Adventure/Science-Fiction

- Gatchaman Crowds (2013)
- Gatchaman Crowds 2nd Season (2014)

Gatchaman Crowds
Gatchaman Crowds
Gatchaman Crowds
Gatchaman Crowds
Gatchaman Crowds

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