Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Aquarathi #1: Waterfell (2013)


Nerissa was a Aquarathi, she was sent to the human world for experiences before she came of age to claim her birthright, to be the Queen of Waterfell, an undersea kingdom. unfortunately before that could happen, her father the King was killed, and the throne was taken by an enemy. in the meanwhile, Nerissa met Lo, a human boy who lost his family in a sailing accident and was recently sent to live with his biological mother. despite the challenges at hands, Nerissa couldn't help feeling attracted to him, who had the ability to penetrate her defenses and came to her aid when she needed it.

despite the otherworldly backdrop i often found difficult to relate to, i was pleased to find myself getting absorbed into the story in no time. Nerissa was adventurous, slightly rebellious, but a teenager, making her easily relatable. Lo was the all too perfect guy with a scarred history, where his imperfection actually made him perfect for Nerissa. with a royal throne to fight for, Nerissa's life was anything but ordinary. things got even more complicated the moment she came to age, where attraction from both male and enemy came chasing after her. the complicated relationship she had with the people she thought she knew for life came to an abrupt and surprising end that i didn't see coming, which was rather satisfying despite the long-winded storytelling.

author: Amalie Howard
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

The Aquarathi series:
- Waterfell (2013)

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