Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tales of Ever: Volumes 1-6 (2014)

Tales of Ever

Misha was a normal girl until she discovered she had a gift. she was a firestarter. learning about her ability lead her to understand their community as well. while men in their bloodlines were active firestarters, women were mostly dormant. those who were found to have active abilities were banished once found, saying to be highly unstable because of their emotions. Misha's father went missing 10 years ago, leaving behind a burnt car. after barely starting their fire lessons, Misha's mother died of cancer. before she was picked up by social services, Uncle Jeff appeared at her doorstep, claiming to be her father's brother. Misha was hopeful when she joined his family, but barely one day in their house, the community decided to banish her because of her active ability.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. it was such an easy and captivating read that i found myself flying through the pages in one sitting. Misha's growth made her a very lovable character. i especially loved how she played with her ability, which caused her to come up with something new and became even more impressive along the way. her coming across Jadus, Merrick, Shade, even Sage made it interesting. while she was often easy to trust because of her innocence, i found myself doubting each and every one of these characters, along with their initial intention towards her. the possibilities during each turning points were so expandable it was impossible to predict how their relationship would progress. while i was initially overwhelmed with the details and surroundings of Ever, i found it helpful as i remained longer in it. but most importantly was how Misha kept me interested in everything that happened around her. with how amazing the story went, it would certainly be the most amazing to find more continuations of it.

author: Jen Wylie
published: 2014
genre: Paranormal/Science Fiction

Tales of Ever series:
- Banished (2011)
- Fire Girl (2011)
- Shadow Boy (2011)
- The Lost Tree (2011)
- Sanctuary (2012)
- Dragon Rising (2012)
- Tales of Ever: Volumes 1-6 (2014)

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