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Elements of Power #1: Fire (2013)

Elements of Power

the story took place in a world formed by four realms: Arcan the air realm, Helian the fire realm, Brizan the water realm, and Sephan the earth realm. people from each of the realm had different abilities, all depending on their elements. Jasmine had been adopted into the Arcan royal family since she was an infant. she became close with Brea, the Prince, believing that they would eventually get married. however, she often felt unsettled for not knowing her parents or origins. lately to complicate things, she found herself having prophetic dreams. it worsened when Brea was sent to Helian for a meeting that the Helian King had called forth, gathering leaders from all four realms with the hope of working together.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. starting the book, i was quite overwhelmed with the mass amount of details i read, especially when it came to the four realms. after dragging myself through the first half of the book, i was pleased to find myself enjoying more as the youngsters started taking over the spotlight. the focus was mainly on Jasmine, Brea, and Roxy, the Helian Princess. while Jasmine grew from a weak character into a stronger one by the end of the book, she didn't exactly succeeded in becoming a lovable character. it came as a surprise to me because i expected myself to fall for the main character like always, especially for having such a perfect growth. Roxy on the other hand, who was originally a tough character, transformed into a weaker character and filled with so much emotions, i couldn't believe when i rooted for her as the role seemed to suit her surprisingly well. throughout the book, i was most captivated with how each of these characters and their relationship with Brea progressed, also with their astounding abilities that had so much room to expand.

author: Heather James
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Elements of Power series:
- Fire (2013)
- Water (2013)

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