Monday, June 02, 2014

Elements of Power #2: Water (2013)

Elements of Power

after rescuing everyone from the Helian realm, Jasmine and her friends decided to pay the Brizan Realm a visit. the main intention was to get Jasmine's abilities under control and also to discover the truth about her parents. they were finally able to figure out why Jasmine hair was purple, unlike anyone within the four realms. purple was the result of combining red and blue, making her a child of a Helian father and Brizan mother. it wasn't long before the Queen of Brizan, her mother approached her and told her about her birth and giving her away to the Arcan realm for adoption. but before they had time to bond, the Queen's commander, Emmanuel decided that Jasmine was a threat and was determined to get rid of her once and for all.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. second book of the series was a far more easier read compared to the previous. while the first book focused its stories on the Arcan and Helian realms, the second book moved the focus to the Sephan and Brizan realms. while Jasmine and her friends moved their location from Arcan to Brizan; Roxy escaped from Helian and landed mistakenly in Sephan. knowing so little about the Sephan, it was actually quite interesting to watch how the Sephan worked. even though the story continued to focus partially on the political aspect, the election was easier to enjoy and wasn't as overwhelming. seeing how the story ended with a cliffhanger, i very much looked forward to a third installment, wanting especially to know how the unlikely sisters, Jasmine and Roxy, would work out their differences and relationship with Brae.

author: Heather James
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Elements of Power series:
- Fire (2013)
- Water (2013)

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