Friday, June 27, 2014

Royal Reaper #1: Dead Girl Walking (2014)

Dead Girl Walking

Princess Ophelia was to wed Prince Astin when the time comes, but she was in love with Larkin, a commoner. she often sneaked out of the castle to meet him secretly after everyone in the castle went to sleep. one day meeting with Larkin, she was murdered. however, instead of falling dead, she found herself staring at her body with no one being able to see her. she later found out that she was a newly recruited Grim Reaper, joining the team by the name Leila. she had to cut all ties with her old life but found it every bit difficult when Larkin was the next to die.

the book was absolutely easy read. Leila was a character so believable that it was easy to fit in her shoes, experiencing what she was experiencing, especially the struggles against death, making her highly relatable. i was relieved to find their group consisted of only a few members, just so not being overwhelmed by supporting characters, but it was also slightly disappointing to know so little about them before they were removed from the scene completely. the uniqueness of the plot was the main attraction that kept me flying through the pages in no time. i had fun exploring their lives as much as the adventure Leila was forced to go through. with the cliffhanger that i was left with by the end of the book, i can't wait to lay my hands on the coming installment.

author: Ruth Silver
published: 2014
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Royal Reaper series:
- Dead Girl Walking (2014)

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