Thursday, June 26, 2014

This Freshest Hell (2013)

This Freshest Hell

Maggie was a new girl in town. she met with Lily, a girl who doesn't fit in anywhere and they became best friends in no time. they discovered their common dark secret, one being sexually abused by her father, another a priest. together they explored their psychic abilities while challenging the unknown. Maggie was the more aggressive one among the duo, often found going for revenge; while Lily was more suicidal. they performed a dark spell from a witchcraft book, which will be triggered 10 years later. the spell forced them to choose between dying and living as an undead, which both choose the second option.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. the book was divided into two sections, the first part focused on the beginning of their friendship, formed during their human years; the second part focused on their undead life. for the first half of the book, i found myself struggling through the pages. the story jumped all over each other, overly elaborating their perfect friendship that i found difficult to believe. although i was no fan to long-winded introductions, i felt that they opened up to each other way too soon, making it seemed like instead of struggling to reveal the dark and painful past that they hid for so long, it was more like boasting about it. the second half of the book however, was far more interesting in comparison. the gruesomeness and bluntness was truly impressive, enough to make me felt glad that i didn't give up on the book.

author: Natasha Ewendt
published: 2013
genre: Horror/Paranormal

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