Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rouge #2: Embers & Ice (2014)


the story was divided into two parts, one following Hunter, another Joshua. after being caught by the agents, Hunter was brought to ICE, an institution that gathered and studied children with different special abilities. Hunter became one of their newest subject. she was forced through cruel experiments and agonizing tests to measure her ability. here, she learned that no one lived passed the age twenty-one and Will, her new best friend in ICE was now twenty-one. on the other hand, Joshua was escaping his lab after agents hunted him down. he drove for days with Jenny and Eli, whom he resurrected from the dead, only to be caught by a police instead.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. despite being a long read, i was every minute engaged in the book. like the first installment, the book was very fast paced and filled with so much actions there were simply no dull moments through the pages. the switching between Hunter and Joshua could sometimes turned out to be quite annoying since it depends on which character had the more intense situation at hand. with the mass amount of characters introduced, all being held captive in ICE, i was pleased to find myself seeing each and every one of them in my mind, loving them so much that their death and pain had goosebumps rippled like waves on my skin, right into my scalp. the ending like usual, was another cruel cliffhanger! just like the last installment, i wanted so much to get my hands on the next book!

author: Isabella Modra
published: 2014
genre: Romance/Supernatural

Rouge series:
- Rouge (2013)
- Embers & Ice (2014)

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