Friday, May 02, 2014

Rouge #1: Rouge (2013)


Liz was making love with her husband Leo, when their apartment were engulfed in flame. while Leo burned to his death, Liz escaped completely unscathed. she ran to Joshua, her husband's best friend for help, found out that she was pregnant with Leo's baby. she gave birth to Hunter, a beautiful baby girl but almost immediately after childbirth, Liz died. Joshua became the sole guardian of Hunter, bringing her up like any parents would. 18-year-old, Hunter found out that she was a Pyrokinetic, having the ability to create and control fire. it explained the spontaneous fires that often happened when she was nearby. however, it became more and more dangerous as the fire went out of control following her emotions.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. it was impressive that the book jumped straight into the story in no time. it was insane how Liz got "infected" with the ability and i was constantly waiting for an explanation since the very first few pages, yet when Hunter inherited it from her mother, it was so believing that i no longer care about the cause but how she grew into it. Hunter was a blunt and awkward character, but with her unique background, i found myself rooting for her in no time all because of her loud personalities. after she fell for Eli, i expected the storyline to cool down as it focused more on romance from now onward, little did i expect it went the complete opposite direction, transforming Joshua into the big bad villain instead. it was a turn i definitely did not see coming and i was overwhelmed until the very end, making it so much more difficult to not have my hands on the second installment this very moment.

author: Isabella Modra
published: 2013
genre: Romance/Supernatural

Rouge series:
- Rouge (2013)
- Embers & Ice (2013)

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