Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Ways #1: Echoes of Balance (2014)

Echoes of Balance

Chloe was one the last Naimei. for centuries, the Naimei kept the balance of the universe in check. when Chloe was hunting vampires like what she usually do, she was stunned to find out from an unlikely source that the Original Demons were threatening to return. as a Naimei, she was obligated to step in and help. her assigned mission was to befriend and protect a human girl named Aurelia, unknown of her rare thought-weaving ability. Aurelia ability was able to alter, edits, even rearrange thoughts, seemingly important for the Original Demons. during her discoveries, Chloe came across demons and vampires that offered to help, but she had to figure out who she can trust before falling into the wrong hands.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. the book had a very historical feel to it since it involved an ancient bloodline called the Naimei. at first, Chloe's life seemed simple, hunting vampires as her little effort to keep the balance of the universe. then it had gotten more interesting when two vampires approached her, Sam and Josef, each with a completely different personalities, making them highly suspicious characters. i had a great time following Chloe and Aurelia's life; but struggled when it came to the Naimei's lifestyle. the people that were supposed to guide Chloe seemed to appear and vanish as pleased, having no significant characteristics to them. when Mikhail, Chloe's brother appeared, i even felt slightly annoyed as he repetitively grabbed the spotlight from Chloe. with the numerous amount of characters introduced, it was unfortunate that i haven't even had the chance to love Chloe before she was overshadowed by the others.

author: Cally Ryanne
published: 2014
genre: Paranormal

The Ways series:
- Echoes of Balance (2014)

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