Friday, June 06, 2014

Mine #0.5: Mine to Tarnish (2013)

Mine to Tarnish

the story took place in a world where warlocks, men with magical powers towered over the women and the slaves, also known as the tarnished. like all women, Katherine was taught to be obedient towards the men. but being a rebel at heart made her questioned her destiny and fate. the moment Katherine was sold to an old and cruel warlock, she was in despair. her mother took pity on her and decided to help her escape by giving her some sleeping powder to be slipped into the warlock's drink. she successfully escaped into the unknown, until she came across a house her mother mentioned for her to request help from, and met with Charles, a tarnished. since then, her quest of survival began.

i received two free e-books for the series from the author in exchanged for reviews, where else this prequel gotten free from Amazon. first few pages into the book, i was holding on until i get the rough backdrop of where the story was setup in. i was doubtful to find the setting somewhat historical, since i was never a huge fan of the genre. but as i traversed through the pages, i found myself absorbed into their adventure. before i knew it, i had goosebumps and was bouncing in my seat, feeling involved like i was with them in their every encounter with dangers. it was a feeling i rarely had for prequels, which hopefully signified a promising series ahead. Katherine was an easy to like character. she appeared helpless at first, so fortunate to have Charles leading her through their escapes. she started to really shine while witnessing her mother's death, who was cruelly tortured for assisting in her daughter's escape. it was a painful scene to experience, but completely worthwhile when Katherine stroke back, the satisfaction thoroughly overruled the heart wrenching feeling i felt alongside Katherine.

author: Janeal Falor
published: 2013
genre: Magic/Paranormal

Mine series:
- Mine to Tarnish (2013)
- You Are Mine (2013)
- Mine to Spell (2014)

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