Saturday, June 07, 2014

Mine #1: You Are Mine (2013)

You Are Mine

like every other girls, Serena knew she would one day be sold to a warlock. unlike some of them who looked forward to wed, Serena wanted freedom, something she could never had. afraid of being tarnished, Serena made sure to follow the rules, be as obedient as she could be, following the orders of her father to wed Thomas, a potential Chancellor. meeting Thomas for the very first time, he was all over her, making her very uncomfortable with the closeness and his absurd requests. but when Thomas was killed by a barbarian named Envadi in a fair competition, Serena suddenly became the property of Envadi. as terrifying as it was, Serena went on a different and unexpected kind of adventure while preparing herself to become Envadi's wife.

i received two free e-books for the series from the author in exchanged for reviews. the story followed Serena through her engagement to marriage in several different phases. having read about Katherine from the prequel: Mine to Tarnish (2013), i was expecting and constantly waiting for the story to focus on two main characters. before i knew it, i was so completely absorbed into Serena's story i was rooting for her in no time. the moment Katherine surfaced, i was thoroughly thrilled seeing her positioned herself perfectly as a seamstress, owning a shop to help her earned her way helping those who needed it. since then, i was pleasantly satisfied and less distracted with Serena's encounters, falling for her equally hard as i did Katherine. Envadi on the other hand, was another mesmerizing character, so huge yet so gentle. more than once, the duo brought tears to my eyes, earning their spot to be my favorite pair.

author: Janeal Falor
published: 2013
genre: Magic/Paranormal

Mine series:
- Mine to Tarnish (2013)
- You Are Mine (2013)
- Mine to Spell (2014)

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