Sunday, June 08, 2014

Mine #2: Mine to Spell (2014)

Mine to Spell

Cynthia was the second eldest in their family, after Serena, who gained her independence status from Zade. just when their family's harsh days were over, Cynthia reached the age to wed. to keep the spotlight off Serena, she decided to wed a guy, convincing everyone that Serena was a good owner. but when she met Edward, she realized he only wanted her magic. under dire circumstances, she was forced to reveal her magic, casting spells to free herself from Edward. to remind the women that they could perform magic, Cynthia joined the tournament, fighting against warlocks to earn herself a place among them.

i received two free e-books for the series from the author in exchanged for reviews. while the first book followed the struggle for freedom of Serena, the second book followed a different attempt at freedom of Cynthia. although i didn't cry as much for Cynthia as i did for Serena, i was pleasantly entertained throughout the book. she overwhelmed me equally much with her tough personality, showing a side of her undisclosed in the previous books. her secret of having been playing with magic since childhood was an unexpected twist, not to mention how unacceptable it was in the society she was brought up in. watching her growth in magic was as rewarding as watching the growth of her relationship with Lukas. it was so satisfying that for once, a series managed to stay so focused and not get sidetracked by romance. yet a hint every now and then had me feeling so heartwarming and gratified with the presence of these men. having been left with a huge cliffhanger, i am now left longing for the next installment, which hopefully would be available soon.

author: Janeal Falor
published: 2014
genre: Magic/Paranormal

Mine series:
- Mine to Tarnish (2013)
- You Are Mine (2013)
- Mine to Spell (2014)

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