Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Spearwood Academy Two: Episode 6-10 (2014)

Spearwood Academy

after being brought to attend Spearwood Academy, Avalon found herself trying to adapt into the new lifestyle. there were so many rules that she was forced to follow. but before she was able to sort her life out, she accidentally found out that Edgar, her adoptive father, was dead. overwhelmed with his death, she was taken advantage by the doctor. he wiped away her original memories, replacing it with a perfect girl, but also a complete opposite of who she really was. the boys sensed the danger in Spearwood Academy, together they planned an emergency escape from the academy’s compound, only to be ambushed by elemental beings.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. having loved the first volume, I was thrilled to be offered the second volume by the author. as much as I was hoping for a satisfying end, I was equally pleased that there were more of Avalon that I can look forward to. the story was fast paced, but after waiting for the second volume for quite some time, I found difficulties in remembering who each and every one of the boys were. compared to the first volume, this installment had much lesser exploration done on Avalon’s character. I wanted so much to reconnect with her, to experience more character development. fortunately, with the coming volumes to look forward to, this was already a good enough installment to connect the coming volumes as I flew through the pages and finished the book in one sitting.

author: A.S. Oren
published: 2014
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

The Spearwood Academy series:
- Spearwood Academy One: Episodes 1-5 (2014)
- Spearwood Academy Two: Episodes 6-10 (2014)

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