Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Clann #4: Capture (2014)


with the Clann being thrown into the spotlight, the world started forming plenty of anti-clann to get rid of them. escaped from his political father, Hayden brought Tarah along on his venture of rescuing a group of people who had magical abilities from imprisonment. the government were killing them off, uncaring towards their wellbeing. having successfully rescued them instantly made them his responsibilities.

last book into the series was equally captivating compared to the previous installments. Hayden was struggling to fight off the mindset he grown up having, responding to his father's expectation at all times. after much tries, Tarah finally got him to break out of his own prison, making him a leader that turned out to impress us so much. his growth definitely had me rooted for him despite the repetitive struggle that he went through. as for Tarah, her desire to rush into danger made her an interesting character to watch.

author: Melissa Darnell
published: 2013
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

The Clann series:
- Crave (2011)
- Covet (2012)
- Consume (2013)
- Dance with Darkness (2013)
- Capture (2014)

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