Monday, July 07, 2014

The Clann #2: Covet (2012)


Savannah was forced to break up with Tristan, but only to protect him. her being a half-vampire, she was able to absorb energy from Tristan from a kiss, enough to kill him. now that her vampire abilities were slowly surfacing and she started feeling the bloodlust, Savannah struggled to keep her distance, while Tristan continuously tried to get her back. in the meanwhile, the Clann descendants were killed one by one, drained and leaving behind vampires bite marks on their neck. they were eager to go into war with the vampires, destroying them once and for all.

years after i read the first installment, i was pleased to fall into pace the moment i started reading. it was so easy to get into Savannah and Tristan's point of view. understanding their actions, especially when it came to outsiders like Ron and Bethany, or even Anne, whose characters left behind an impression so beautiful that made them equally lovable. it was frustrating to see Tristan leading Bethany on at some point, giving excuses and sort. but when he finally admitted and stopped being such a person, he was proven to be a better person when he focused on Savannah instead. i was surprised with the turns of events when it came to Emily, though understandable.

author: Melissa Darnell
published: 2012
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

The Clann series:
- Crave (2011)
- Covet (2012)
- Consume (2013)
- Dance with Darkness (2013)
- Capture (2014)

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