Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Clann #3: Consume (2013)


during a near-death situation, Savannah was forced to turn Tristan into a half-vampire like herself. from being the Clann's future leader, Tristan was banished by her mother and escaped into the wilderness where Savannah and her vampire father struggled to contain his overwhelming bloodlust. in the meanwhile, Williams from the Clann was plotting a war against the vampire council by killing the Clann's current leader, Tristan mother. on the run, Savannah and Tristan had to do everything to protect their remaining family members from being killed by the power thirsty man.

third book into the series was another equally addictive read. despite not being a short story, i managed to finish it in only two sittings. the tension was high as the story went through Tristan's transition, to their unstable relationship, to Emily's pregnancy, to Savannah's mother's involvements in their survival. every single detail was so delicious that i flew through the pages. before i knew it, the climax hit and it was too soon that i reached the end of the book. fortunately, there were still other installments to look forward for the series, which i will definitely find myself jumping into right after this.

author: Melissa Darnell
published: 2013
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

The Clann series:
- Crave (2011)
- Covet (2012)
- Consume (2013)
- Dance with Darkness (2013)
- Capture (2014)

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