Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Clann #1: Crave (2011)


Savannah was always an outcast among the children of the witch Clann. she and Tristan were forced apart during childhood. Tristan was the descendant of the most powerful witch, making his father the leader of the Clann. when Savannah recovered from a strange illness, she discovered that she was a dhampire - half vampire and half witch. despite being forbid to be anywhere near Savannah, Tristan felt the attraction grew, drawing him to her with the urge to protect her.

once i started the book, it was impossible to put down. Savannah was a lovable character, struggling with school and friends while being bullied by the children of the Clann. Tristan started out being just a random player, swimming his ways through girls, but his commitment to Savannah made him a far better person, a beautiful character like how Savannah would see it. while they craved for each other, i felt the pull in my heart. the story engaged me with their desperate romance. everything that pulled them apart only made them want each other even more.

author: Melissa Darnell
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

The Clann series:
- Crave (2011)
- Covet (2012)
- Consume (2013)
- Dance with Darkness (2013)
- Capture (2014)

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