Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dangerous #2: Dangerous Boys (2014)

Dangerous Boys

Chloe was desperate to leave her small hometown, to attend college in the city. but before her dreams could come true, her father left her and her mother for a new lover who now bore his son. her mother became depressed and soon lose all motivation to work. struggling to keep both of them fed, Chloe took two jobs and postponed her dream. in the meanwhile, she met Ethan, a boy who was interested in her and soon they were going out. constant visit to his house introduced her to Ethan’s adventurous brother, Oliver. initially afraid, Chloe slowly became intrigued by Oliver, who always find ways to challenge her.

first quarter into the book it became clear that it was a triangle love story that went wrong. unlike the first series that we didn’t see it coming, this one was far clearer in comparison. like its first book, the timeline was equally jumbled up, mixing together the past and present, increasing the climax along its way. Chloe was initially a character easy to empathize, and it was very intriguing to see how she would overcome her difficulties at home while reaching for her dream. but the moment her stubborn self start surfacing and became instantly attracted to the opposite brother, she became a less likable character and the book immediately lose some of its charm. since then onwards, the story unfortunately went downhill. suddenly in comparison, I started to appreciate the beauty of feeling deceived on the very last page than to know since the very beginning who the main villain was.

author: Abigail Haas
published: 2014
genre: Drama/Romance

Dangerous series:
- Dangerous Girls (2013)
- Dangerous Boys (2014)

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