Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dangerous #1: Dangerous Girls (2013)

Dangerous Girls

Anna had always been an outcast, until she came across Elise from the popular group. they became best friends, doing things they would never do otherwise. while Elise went for different and more dangerous guys; Anna fell for Tate, a perfect boy with a perfect background, who would never notice her until Elise gave her a helping hand. for Anna, everything was finally coming alive and the trio organized an outing with some friends, to an island for endless parties. but things went terribly wrong when Elise was found dead in her room one day, with the crew out for diving, leaving only Anna and Tate behind at the house.

the book started out a little jumbled up since the story wasn’t told in one straightforward manner, but with a messy timeline. reading halfway through the book was enough to get me accustomed to its style and had no trouble following its flow. the plot was more and more captivating through the pages. as much as I rooted for Anna and Elise character, there was always a shadowy feeling about Tate and Elise relationship. but since the story was told in Anna’s point of view, it was frustratingly impossible to get any insights on that. when my guts feeling was finally proven right, I was instantly glued to the pages, needing to get to its end that very moment just to unveil the mystery. unique in its own way, the book was an awesome read, especially with the twists that came again and again, it was impossible to put down. their friendship drew tears to my eyes and left me so satisfyingly speechless as the book came to an end.

author: Abigail Haas
published: 2013
genre: Drama/Romance

Dangerous series:
- Dangerous Girls (2013)
- Dangerous Boys (2014)

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