Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Remnant Chronicles #1: The Kiss of Deception (2014)

The Kiss of Deception

Princess Lia is seventeen, also the First Daughter of the kingdom Morrighan. she was to wed the Prince of kingdom Dalbreck for her father to form an alliance with them. but knowing that she couldn’t accept marrying a man so old that he could be her grandfather, she ran away. she settled in a small town, working at a tavern as she exchanged for a place to stay and some food. In the meanwhile, The Prince and an Assassin came tracking her, each with their own agendas. while the Prince was mostly just curious, the Assassin was paid to kill yet was equally intrigued with the Princess on the run.

I was never a huge fan of historical backdrop, but the story started out mesmerizing, capturing my attention immediately. half way through the book, after Lia became a barmaid and decided to head back to Morrighan for vengeance, things got a little repetitive. the moment Kaden and Rafe appeared simultaneously in Lia's life already took quite a toll on the plot, making it less straightforward and even a little redundant to my likings. when the switching the role of a possible villain to a lover; and the possible lover to a villain took place, many of the characters’ purpose became clear. but unfortunately still not enough to get back on my good sides. at this point, the story started feeling dragged and I had to force myself through it just to know how it ended.

author: Mary E. Pearson
published: 2014
genre: Fantasy

The Remnant Chronicles series:
- The Kiss of Deception (2014)
- The Heart of Betrayal (2015)

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