Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Everneath #1.5: Neverfall (2012)


when Nikki’s six months came to an end, she escaped being claimed by the Tunnels when Jack took her place. Initially Cole hoped to have Nikki all to himself because he was the only choice Nikki ever had to escape the Tunnels. however, the love between Nikki and Jack was so strong that Nikki declined Cole’s help and decided to face her own fate. Jack’s sacrificing came as a surprise to everyone, including Nikki. Cole witnessed everything and was shocked with the direction everything was heading. with Nikki surviving the Feed, he was keen to find out reason behind it, no matter the cost.

as much as I enjoyed reading about Nikki, Jack and Cole, I felt slightly dragged by this installment. It was written in Cole’s point of view, about his pain of being rejected by Nikki as well as refusing to admit his feelings towards Nikki. thus his obsession with the mysteries behind Nikki’s surviving. the dungeon he was kept in was quite a piece of work! it not only got to him, it got into my head as well, making me felt every bit as disgusted as he was. while it was entertaining enough to follow Cole’s side of the story, I can’t wait for it to end, just so I can continued reading about how Nikki’s life was turning out to be, especially after surviving the ordeal and most importantly, losing Jack.

author: Brodi Ashton
published: 2012
genre: Paranormal

Everneath series:
- Everneath (2012)
- Neverfall (2012)
- Everbound (2013)
- Evertrue (2014)

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