Monday, December 31, 2007

end of 2007..

2007 had been a rather Pressured yet Rewarding year for me.

pressure 1: School (status: waiting for results)
- the fyp (final year project) had been my greatest fear. reason being it required 1 year, which failing means to repeat the whole scary Year.

pressure 2: Relationship (status: solved for now)
- for those who follows my fairy tale, would clearly know that i was severely drained n struggled to maintain it.

pressure 3: Parents (status: still working on it)
- although having a small family, i had always been trying to get everyone involved in each other's life. the fact that the older generations like to use the excuse "children don't need to know too much" pretty much blocked us off their radar, which is kinda sad ..

reward 1: Sibling (status: improving)
- my only sibling would be my elder sister. older by several years, but bonding had been on n off throughout the years. lately, it has gotten tighter n the intimacy grows. :)

reward 2: Lecturer (status: guru)
- attending Mr. Li's class had me exposed to self-development, which gradually widens my perspectives. he helped me personally, to let go of my emotional baggage, allowing me to relief myself n introducing god into my life like it never occurred before.

reward 3: Friends (status: improving)
- widening my acceptance boundary n getting to know some friends in dept, had been one of my best resolutions to tackle the pressures. their support n cheering is an invisible yet powerful force to keep me going.

overall, 2007 was about learning the correct way to "give n take". though it has been a rather long year, i was proud with the nonexchangeable experiences that i had. may 2008 be another interesting year !!


  1. Hope you have more rewards than pressures next year yo. Happy New Year! =)

  2. Wishing you the most awesome 2008!!! :)

  3. 把2007年的记忆变成回忆。 让我们一起欢迎2008年的到来,祝大家新年快乐。

  4. Happy New Year!!! Woo Hoo....

  5. Happy 2008 to all !! wishing you a great n fulfilling year ahead. ;)

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