Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gaming: Cabal

Wars erupt from time to time between guilds. surprisingly most of the time, the reasons are quite childish, such as "one gets offended" or "one gets ks (kill steal) -ed".

we were just there for the Show !!

skills, skills, n more skills !!


  1. my fren teach me a trick........because I not pandai in this, so he said

    "when you kena attack by somebody, fight with him....But when u almost die, quickly quit it, then nothing happen, but the ppl who attack you will unhappy!!!!"hahahaah

    another tricks,if you want to kacau ppl go to kacau.....but if u cant fight with him, when almost die, quit it....Let him wait....Then, enter the game again, kacau him again........wahahahahahaha=p

  2. Haha, I guess you were playing too much on this game, recently, right? Hehe... War war war, I prefer to play Starcraft, hahaha...

  3. Wa housemate, why so many members from shattered one?

    I think I don't have much time for game lately >.<

  4. @akira.

    youi play starcraft2 ???

    i want !!!!=)

  5. Online MMORPG are now a very common sight.......

    but I would advice not to get addicted to it...... it's not healthy for your body or money...

  6. joshua: you're so mean !! more accurately, your friend is so mean. that trick works perfectly to many. XD

    akira: these screen captures were done quite a while ago. haven't did much screen capturing lately. gonna perform it n you'll have a newer image of me. ;)

    elezend: a total unfair war i would say. XD no worries housemate, you will after you settled down. best regards !! :)

    kljs: i think i experienced enough addiction to actually escape it. :P

  7. haha , played that before but i gave up long time ago

  8. Yeah, show me the latest suit and outlook from your character ya!!!

  9. u also use this???

    what a bag girl you are........=p

  10. MMPORPG ... I'm like a big fan lo. Definitely need discipline. Dun let yourself get addicted.

    But i passed my exams still ;p

  11. : give up in days eh. i suppose onimusha n devil may cry suits your preference more. hehe.

    akira: hang in there !! warning: it might be too cooL to handle. XD

    joshua: "bag" girl eh .. what a unique nick. :P

    marcus: try telling smokers not to get addicted, which most probably succeed in turning them into an even heavier smoker. human nature. you among all frea.. people should know this the best !! :P

  12. type salah mah............hahahahahXD