Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Thirst #4: The Shadow of Death (2011)

Thirst No.4

after Thirst No.3: The Eternal Dawn (2010), where Sita was shot through the heart, she wandered into the body of Teri, her descendant. 2 weeks later, attending her own funeral, she confessed to Seymour that she was still Sita. together with Shanti, and Teri's boyfriend Matt, they set out to confront the powerful IIC and Telar, with the aim of bringing down their technology. IIC put together a group of psychic children who had the ability to overpower a person's will and force them to commit acts based on what the children wanted. unfortunately, these children were the only ones who could help Sita destroy the leaders of the Telar, a race of Immortals who planned to release a deadly virus to eliminate the human race.

the book was an absolute fast read! it was so engaging, so exciting that it was breathtaking and difficult to put down. i expected the war Sita had between IIC and Telar to be as dull as the previous book, but i was so wrong! there were plenty of twists added to the story, including religiously. from what information i was fed on vampires, they would go straight to hell after death, going as far as being nicknamed the "Creatures of the Damned". i was delighted to find Sita, a 5000-years-old vampire, didn't have to burn in hell thanks to the good deed she accumulated through out the centuries. Sita was easily a lovable character, going through her struggles to figure out the right thing to do, what to sacrifice, and who to trust. not to mention the awesome twists that were so unexpected, it had a beautiful end to it that had me wanting more of Sita.

author: Christopher Pike
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy

Thirst series:
- Thirst No. 1: Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice (2009)
- Thirst No. 2: Phantom, Evil Thirst, Creatures of Forever (2010)
- Thirst No. 3: The Eternal Dawn (2010)
- Thirst No. 4: The Shadow of Death (2011)
- Thirst No. 5: The Sacred Veil (2013)

The Last Vampire series:
- The Last Vampire (1994)
- The Last Vampire 2: Black Blood (1994)
- The Last Vampire 3: Red Dice (1995)
- The Last Vampire 4: Phantom (1996)
- The Last Vampire 5: Evil Thirst (1996)
- The Last Vampire 6: Creatures of Forever (1996)

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  1. Sounds like another epic story with the psychic children giving a real twist. :)