Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tiger & Bunny (2011)

Tiger & Bunny

the story took place in a world where some humans were gifted with superpower at birth, known as Next. some became superheroes, each funded by a sponsor company. their heroic activities were broadcast on a television show, where accumulated points showed the accomplishment of each hero. Kotetsu was a hero called Wild Tiger, while most hero worked alone, his clumsiness caused him to be assigned a new partner, a young man called Barnaby. however, the added challenge was that they had trouble working together due to conflicting opinions.

for the first few introductory episodes, Tiger & Bunny (2011) seemed like nothing more than a superpower show, where each hero fought to win points to become the "King". the story started to get interesting when Tiger took off his uniform, a man of justice but wasn't wise enough to make himself look good in front of the camera. and his opposite was Barnaby. their background stories were where we felt connected to the characters. a widowed father, Tiger had a 10-year-old daughter that he rarely sees, and despite being a superhero, his age made it clear that he wasn't the favorite for the viewers. despite the flashy visuals, these emotions made Tiger & Bunny (2011) enjoyable, while actions added a little spark every now and then.

some background on the anime:
- episodes: 25
- director: Keiichi Satou (さとうけいいち)
- released: 2011
- language: Japanese
- genre: Action/Science-Fiction

- Tiger & Bunny (2011)
- Tiger & Bunny Movie 1: The Beginning (2012)
- Tiger & Bunny Movie 2: The Rising (2013)

Tiger & Bunny
Tiger & Bunny
Tiger & Bunny
Tiger & Bunny
Tiger & Bunny

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